We Bid The Friendly Beetle, Bye Bye

Volkswagen has announced that it will no longer produce the classic Volkswagen  Beetle. It will end production of the iconic car in  2019, following a pair of final editions of the insect inspired vehicles. The CEO of Volkswagen Group said  the move to axe the model comes at at time as the brand switches its focus to electric cars and larger, family-friendly vehicles.  He said: ‘The loss of The Beetle after 3 generations over nearly seven decades will evoke a host of emotions from the Beetles many devoted fans.” Even though the iconic car was first designed in the 1930’s, mass production didn’t take place until 1945. Ferdinand Porsche was the lead engineer on the finalization of the project. The Volkswagen Beetle is the longest running  and most-manufactured  car of a single platform, ever made!

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