Type 2 Diabetes Is Reversible: Eating Just 600 Calories A Day For 8 Weeks Could Save The Lives Of Millions Of Sufferers

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by going on a low calorie diet, new research shows.  Consuming just 600 calories a day for eight weeks can save the lives of millions of sufferers of the preventable condition.  Newcastle University scientists said that excess calories lead to a fatty liver, which causes the liver to produce too much glucose.  The excess fat is then passed to the pancreas, which causes the insulin-producing cells to fail and thus causing diabetes.  Losing less than one gram of fat from the pancreas can re-start insulin production, reversing type 2 diabetes, the researchers found.  This reversal of diabetes remains possible for at least ten years after the onset of the condition, lead author Professor Roy Taylor said.

Photo credit: diabetesselfmanagement.com

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