Things That’ll Make Everyone Born Before 1994 Say “I remember That!”

BuzzFeed came up with a list of things that’ll make everyone born before 1994 say “I remember that.”

You’d make your parents buy you an entire box cereal just for the toy inside.

When you’d settle all your disputes with your friends with rock-paper-scissors.

When you’d pull like 18 coupons from the machine at the supermarket, and then hand them to your mom.

When you’d look forward to Fridays ’cause it was pizza day at school.

When you’d look forward to Saturday nights because it meant you could watch Nickelodeon’s epic lineup.

When you’d go to your grandma’s and she’d pour you a glass of lemonade from a pitcher that gave everything a plastic-y flavor.

When you’d really amuse yourself by singing into a fan.

When Friday nights were for wandering aimlessly around Blockbuster.

When you’d play with your empty Capri Sun pouch by blowing air into it, and move it up and down with the straw.

When you’d stick your finger into the payphone coin return slot in hopes of finding a quarter.

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