Have You Taken A Vacation Lately? 30% Have Not In Over 2 Years

7 out of 10 Canadians agree that taking vacations are important and 6 out of 10 actually do take them.  3 out of 10 have not taken a vacation in more than 2 years.  Many employers will make you use your vacation in a calendar year and if you don’t use them you lose them.  Other can bank them.  Have you taken a vacation recently?

To really drive this home, only 54 per cent of Canadians took a vacation of some kind within the past year and 1 in 3 Canadians haven’t taken a vacation in more than TWO YEARS.

“According to the Index results, Canadians get 21 paid vacation days per year on average but are only taking 17. There could be many reasons for this but maybe some Canadians are still struggling with that work-life balance.”  Source article

Image- Allianz Global Assistance Canada Source article
Feature image-Pexels.com

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