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Has This Ever Happened To You?

A woman was shocked when an ad showing a woman dressed in an identical outfit to hers popped up on her phone. Jen Lewis, from Brooklyn, spotted the bra ad from Third Love featuring a model wearing a pair of pale

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KFC Twitter Follows 11 Herbs And Spices, Intrigues Internet

A Twitter user has earned kudos online for discovering a subtle message on KFC’s account.  The KFC account follows just 11 users; five of them are former members of the Spice Girls and the other six are men named Herb,

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Fans Upset After Maple Leafs Unfollow All Fans on Twitter

The Toronto Maple Leafs decided to unfollow all fans, followers, and, brands on Twitter and many fans have taken to Twitter to express their disappointed. After the clean up the Leafs were only following team President Brendan Shanahan, The team is

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The Simpsons Predict The Future. Again!

In the 2010 season of The Simpsons, Milhouse Van Houten predicted that Bengt Holmström of MIT would win the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2016. Last Monday, that prediction came true. This is a bit spooky but not the first

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Your Chance To Punch A “Moron” In The Face

Embattled pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli is giving some people what they want – a chance to punch him in the face. Shkreli came under fire last year for jacking up the price of a lifesaving malaria medication 5,000 per cent.

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Tyrannosaurus Lightning Caught On Camera

“PETRIFIED FOREST, Ariz. — A lightning bolt some believed to be shaped like a tyrannosaurus rex struck a national park in Arizona. The U.S. Department of the Interior shared a photo of the oddly shaped bolt of lightning which struck

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Social Media On The Rise At Work

This study of 2000 said  “19% of workers use Facebook and 3% use Twitter for work-related purposes”. 8 out of 10 say the sites are useful for networking and finding new job opportunities. This Pew Research study suggests that there

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Follow You Follow Me. Here’s Your Sign

On Twitter, people have been known to follow famous people, regular people, fictional people and even animated people.  Well many people are also following a gas station sign.  To be fair, the person in charge of this sign is pretty

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