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Listening To Music Makes For A Better, Longer, More Enjoyable Workout

Listening to musics while you workout is beneficial for a number of reasons.  One being, if you don’t particularly like exercising, it can help pass the time.  Generally it makes the work out more pleasurable.  Using  relativity high Beats Per

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Tai Chi Very Good Helping Prevent Falls And Injury After 70

Authors of a new study on preventing the elderly from falling suggest the ancient Chinese practice of Tai Chi could help. The group tested the efficacy of different activity regimens in adults 70 or older with at least one previous

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Get Your Kids Moving!

ParticipAction is out with its annual report card on physical activity for children and youth —  it finds that, overall, Canadian kids still aren’t moving enough. Kids get a score of D-Plus for overall physical activity, up slightly from D-Minus

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Don’t Enjoy Exercise? Maybe You Can Blame Your Parents

Some people love exercising and some people just do it as a necessary fact of keeping fit and see it as a chore.  I am not a big fan of doing a regimenting workout or anything structured but I love

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Here’s Why You Should Listen To Music In The Gym

Scientists have once again proven that listening to your favorite music could aid your exercise routine.  Runners listening to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams enjoy their workout 28 percent more than those who do so in silence.  The findings, made by

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