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Coffee Drastically Lowers Your Risk Of Heart Failure And Stroke

Everyone can decrease their risk of stroke and heart failure just by drinking an extra cup of coffee a week, according to new research.   A study found that with every cup, the beverage lowers the risk of stroke by eight

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It’s Camp Day At Tim Hortons

Today is Camp Day at Tim Hortons. Every penny from coffee sales is donated to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. Money raised will help send more than 14,000 kids on the camping adventure of a lifetime. Campers aged nine to

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Port Carling Tim Hortons Opens Tuesday at 6 am

The wait is finally over Muskoka! The new Tim Hortons in Port Carling will open with a soft launch on Tuesday, December 6th at 6:00 a.m. Muskoka411 received a sneak peak at the beautiful exterior, the cottage themed interior and gorgeous fireplace. There

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The Formula For A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Researchers from the University of Limmerick have created a mathematical model to help coffee connoisseurs.  The team hope that their model can make coffee brewing a more precise and accurate process.  In order to have an accurate coffee to water

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Sorry Guys. Socks And Sandals Are Out

Actually I don’t think they were ever in. A survey by a coffee company found 62% of women dislike it when a man wears a faded baseball cap. They also found out that; 72% of women dislike it when a

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Something You May Not Know About Your Starbucks Lid

It turns out the plastic lids on Starbucks’ iced drinks have an entirely other function we never knew about before.  You know, you order your iced drink and receive it in one of the coffee chain’s see-through plastic cups covered

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Cheaper Coffee for Politeness

A Roanoke, VA coffee shop gained worldwide attention as a picture of their sign went viral on Reddit.  Their employee did it as he felt we could all be a little nicer to each other. The sign read: “Small coffee”

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Have Another Cup!

The World Health Organization’s research arm today has downgraded its classification of coffee as a possible carcinogen. It has declared there isn’t enough proof to show a link between coffee and cancer. But the International Agency for Research on Cancer

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Today Is Tim Hortons Camp Day

How about an extra coffee today? This is Tim Horton’s Camp Day. Coffee proceeds today will go towards sending kids across the country to camp this summer. Most stores are also accepting donations and selling special bracelets as well, just

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I Just Wanted A Cup Of Coffee

There is convenience and then there is this. Chewable Coffee To Start Your Day: A San Francisco company, called Nootrobox, has created a new chewable coffee called Go Cubes. They contain 50 milligrams of caffeine and are made from cold-brewed

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