Do You Suffer From Ipad/Tablet Neck? You’re Not Alone

Are you suffering from Ipad neck?  It is becoming a pervasive condition caused by spending a lot of time looking down at your tablets and smartphones.  Let’s face it (literally),  it is difficult to look at your phone level with your line of vision.

Researchers at UNLV say women are 2,059 times more likely to suffer from ‘iPad Neck’ than men are. IPad Neck is defined as a persistent pain in the neck and upper shoulders do to slouching and bending to view gadgets.  They found a higher level of the condition with younger subjects.

Flexing the neck forward for long periods of time can put pressure on the spine, causing neck and shoulder muscle strain and pain.

Regarding gender differences, 70 percent of female respondents reported experiencing symptoms compared to just under 30 percent of men. Interestingly, women were also more likely (77 percent) to use their tablets while sitting on the floor than men (23 percent).

Source Article UNLV


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