Some Coffee Facts. Are You A Morning Only Coffee Drinker Or Maybe A Cuppa To End The Day?

Many people claim they can’t start the day with out their coffee.  Some can’t interact with others until the brew kicks in.  I thought I couldn’t do without but earlier this year I flipped to decaf and I have just as much energy (less nervous energy).  Turns out you can get a good tasting cup of decaf.   A new survey by reveals that the average coffee drinker downs 676 cups of coffee a year.

Other findings:

– 23% of coffee drinkers prefer a cappuccino

– 42% of people feel they haven’t really woken up until they’ve had their first cup of coffee.

– 15% of people say they are funnier when they have coffee in them

– 31% of people say they work harder when they have coffee in them

– 10% of people describe themselves as a coffee addict

– 33% of coffee drinkers don’t trust others to make their coffee

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