Non Drinkers Call In Sick More Often Than Moderate Drinkers

Everything in moderation they say.  This study has uncovered some interesting findings.  Those who do not drink any alcohol whatsoever have a higher rate of absenteeism.  50% more in fact.  Those who were non drinkers called in sick more often and with more complaints about respiratory, digestive or mental health issues.  This was true for non drinkers and heavy drinkers but not for moderate drinkers.

Researchers investigating the “U-shaped” relationship between alcohol and absenteeism in the UK, France and Finland, found sickness rates were higher in people who drank heavily or not at all.

The study, from the researchers at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health found, this effect was most significant in mental health. People who avoided alcohol completely were about 50 per cent more likely to take have a mental health-related absence.

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