New Study Reveals At What Ages Men And Women Are The Most And Least Boring

In a survey of 2,000 people, Airbnb did their best to determine at what ages men and women exhibited characteristics that could be described as both boring and exciting.  According to their findings, men reach their peak of being boring around the age of 39.  As for as the female sex, women become their most boring around the age of 35, which is a bit odd since one study found that women reach their sexual peak sometime around age 33.  Perhaps by age 35 they’re just exhausted.  Apparently 27 is the age at which people are most likely to be trekking across the desert, dancing on bar counters or taking up base jumping.  People become more dull as they take on increased responsibilities in their thirties, according to the survey.  On the bright side, the study also revealed that once we hit somewhere around age 50 both genders seem to get their crap together again and “become more open to new experiences.”

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