Did You Know That This Is Not Illegal? It’s Not A Good Idea At Times But Not Illegal

There are different rules of the road across the country.  In some provinces you can’t make a right on a red.  In P.E.I it is illegal to pass without honking.

Ontario is the only province where it is not illegal to cross solid lines on the highway do this while driving.

Stay within the lines in Ontario, if you feel like it: Ontario’s the only province where it’s not illegal to cross the solid lines on the highway.

“A solid line is a restrictive marking that is meant to signal to the driver that passing is unsafe,” says Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation. “In Ontario, lane markings generally serve an advisory or warning function and by themselves do not possess any legal force.”

Even though crossing the lines isn’t officially a no no, you can still be charged if you pass when it’s not safe.

Source Article in The Globe and Mail

Photo Credit: Tetra Images – Gary Weathers Brand X Pictures Getty Images

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