Johnnie Walker Has A Sister Or A Wife?

Tarzan had his Jane, and so, too, will Johnnie.

Thanks to the “Me Too” and “Time’s Up” movements, gender equality is gaining new awareness in the workplace, and now perhaps in your whisky.

TMZ reports that Diageo, parent company of the Johnnie Walker brand, put in the paperwork earlier this month for a Jane Walker trademark that would cover a bevy of unspecified beverages.

A post at Drampedia notes that labels bearing the name “Jane Walker Edition” have turned up, but no details are available on any new products.

“Whether it’s Johnnie’s sister or not will be revealed in due time,” per the post.

It appears this isn’t the first time the female-monikered concept, which TMZ assumes will focus on “gender equality and female empowerment,” has been broached by Diageo.

Adweek noted right after the 2016 presidential election that a Jane Walker ad campaign was in the works, but it was apparently nixed after Hillary Clinton lost, sources said at the time.


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