Where The Germs Are Lurking In The Kitchen?

We have all heard about the nastiness that can become of the dreaded sink sponge and dishcloths.  What about the dish towel or tea towel?

When I first looked at this info on the dishtowel I thought “This is disgusting”.  What I quickly learned was that the dishtowel can become very germ infested if left for a month!.  Now that is disgusting.  I don’t know about you but my dishtowels don’t hang around that long before a wash. In my house they invariably get used to mop up spills and then they are off to the laundry.  Nonetheless these findings are kind of gross.

There’s a decent chance your kitchen towels are hiding bacteria linked to food poisoning and other infections, according to a new study, though some are urging caution before tossing those towels in the trash.

The finding is based on a University of Mauritius study of 100 kitchen towels used unwashed for one month, roughly half of which were found to have bacterial growth. Of these—typically towels associated with children, larger families, multiple uses, higher humidity, and diets containing meat—37% contained E. coli and the same percentage had Enterococcus, bacteria linked to infections of the gut, urinary tract, and bloodstream, reports US News & World Report.

Study  source

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