The Fastest Growing Segment Of Our Population Are Centenarians

The fastest growing segment of our population are those who are 100 yrs of age and older.  In 2016 we had just over 8,000.  By 2051 there could be upwards of 40,000 Canadians who are 100 and older.

Centenarians – those aged 100 or older – were the fastest growing population, with this age group jumping 41.3 per cent amid rising life expectancies. As of 2016, Canada had 8,230 centenarians.

Among those aged 100 and older, there were five women for every man, Statscan said, as women still have longer life expectancies than men. By 2051, the number of centenarians could reach nearly 40,000 – about five times higher than in 2016, the agency projects. Globe and Mail article

Source- Globe and Mail


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