Dr. Phil Reveals How Oprah Groomed Him And Then Saved Him From Getting His A** Kicked In The Ratings By Demanding Their Shows Never Run Head-To-Head

Dr. Phil has opened up on just how vital a role Oprah Winfrey played in launching his career and how she saved him from getting his a** kicked in the ratings. Dr. Phil, who appeared on the new episode of OBJECTified on Fox News last night, said that in addition to grooming him to host his own show, Oprah also made sure he would not just be some flash-in-the-pan with low ratings. Oprah did this by taking away Dr. Phil’s biggest competition in daytime television – herself. Dr. Phil admits that there was a good deal of concern when the decision was first made to have him strike out on his own. “We’re going to eliminate the most clarion voice in the history of American television from the equation, do you think that will matter. Umm, yes,” he joked during the interview. He goes on to confess that his eponymous talk show was exactly what Oprah was hoping would happen someday. “There’s no question, we planned it that way,” he said, before revealing a shocking caveat he and Oprah had in their contract deals. “We both agreed when we went out to sell the show that they could never sell it where we were head-to-head,” he said. When asked if that was to avoid any possible fighting between the pair as a result of Human nature, Dr. Phil dismisses the idea. “Well I don’t know what it was for her but it was to keep me from getting my a** kicked.”

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