Couples Argue 72 Times Per Year Over This?

If  asked what couples argue about, I bet we could come up with some pretty sure-thing,  universal topics, one being housework, and another chores, division of labour etc.  This survey suggests that  chores and housework are a big part of it but so is the choice of decor and decorating and renovating and colour schemes.   Here are some other findings on what we tend to argue about:


A new survey by One Poll reveals that the average couple has 72 arguments a year about household issues and decorating. Other findings:

– 30% of couples disagree on how much to spend on furniture and decor

– 21% of couples disagree on what gadgets to purchase

– 20% of couples disagree on their home’s color scheme

– 15% of couples avoid going to furniture stores together because one of them always leaves grumpy

– 21% of people say shopping with their partner is annoying


One Poll source via FastCompany 


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