When It Comes To Childhood Items, 72% Said They Would Never Give This Up

Their Teddy Bear.   Tomorrow is National Teddy Bear Day and in a survey 72% who still have their childhood stuffies said they would never give it up.



  • The Majority Hugs. Across generations, more than half of all respondents surveyed mentioned they still own a stuffed animal. 40% of respondents sleep with their stuffed animal by their side.
  • Keepsake Teddy. 56% of respondents have owned (and held onto) their favorite stuffed animal for more than two decades. Additionally, more than 70% said they plan to keep their stuffed animal forever (72%).
  • Memories of Comfort. 30% of respondents said a feeling of comfort was the first memory that came to mind when thinking about a childhood stuffed animal, followed by the memory of the person who gave it to them (22%), and the stuffed animal’s appearance (19%).
  • Home is Where the Bear Is. Adults living in the southern United States are most likely to have a stuffed animal (75%), followed by residents of the Midwest (72%) and Northeast (70%).

Is there something from the past you would never give up?   I have held onto things like a VCR, SLR film camera, turntable.


Image- Buildabear.com via PRNewswire

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