Canadians Recycle 1.2 Million Cars Every Year. In N.A Enough Metal Is Recovered To Make 13 New Cars

In Canada every year we recycle 1.2 million vehicles.  Responsible ‘wreckers’/recyclers take the time and care to make use of every bit of the vehicle and ensure that the toxins (oils etc) also get recycled.

Every year, about 1.2 million cars and light trucks are taken off the road across Canada, half in Ontario. They’re known as end-of-life vehicles, or ELVs.

The best vehicles – quite often late-model insurance writeoffs – have their reusable parts carefully removed, cleaned and tested for resale. Computerized records are transforming this side of the business. Recyclers can offer or search for parts online. By carefully keeping track of how well various parts sell, they know which are worth the trouble of removing and cleaning.

Source Wheels.Ca

Additional facts for North America:

Every year, over 25 million tons of materials are recycled from old vehicles.

Automobiles are the most recycled consumer product in the world today.

The car recycling Industry is the 16th largest in the United States, contributing $25 billion per year to the national GDP. The US automotive recycling industry employs around 100,000 people and earns around $25 billion a year. There are around 7,000 vehicle recycling facilities around the USA.

Every year, automobile recycling industry in USA and Canada provides sufficient steel to produce roughly 13 million new vehicles.


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