The Benefits Of Listening To Music At Home Are Seemingly Endless

Would you like to have a better family life? Love life?  Harmony in the home? More family time?  According to this Sonos poll the findings are positive and in many ways not so surprising.  Listening to music increased feelings of well being, more intimate occasions with a significant other, more family time simply by having music in the house.  Thanks for listening.

After music was introduced in the home, 43 percent of participants reported feeling extremely loved, an 87 percent increase from before there was music at home. x Boring things can become more fun. In our survey, 83 percent believe doing chores is easier when listening to music. x 50 percent of respondents enjoy cooking more while listening to music. This was underlined in the experiment, where we could see an increase in the time spent together in the kitchen by 20 percent.

Source Sonos

Image Pexels


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