Awesome Things That Moms Do

Here are awesome things moms do:

They have the ability to super clean the house when someone calls and says that they’ll be dropping over in five minutes.

Will listen to the always overly descriptive drama.

Drive here and there and everywhere and back to here and there and everywhere again.

Can erase bad dreams at night.

Will cook meals. Will slave over meals. Will invent meals.

Know to replace things.

They are skilled negotiators and can make negotiating not feel like bribery. 

They are the Orkin Pest Control person disguised as a mom.

They can open things.

Can answer to I’m hungry.  I’m starving.  There’s nothing to eat.  When’s dinner?  Can I have a snack? Over and over and over. 

Stay up late. No matter what.

Have the ability to translate two year old talk.

Are not afraid to dance in the kitchen, sing out loud, spin in circles, play music, and just have fun to music that they loved in high school 

They can find the one pencil in the house that works during homework crunch time.

Have the ability to find anything that is lost.


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