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WIN 2 Tickets to the National Home Show

Enter for your chance to WIN a pair of tickets to the National Home Show at the Enercare Centre Exhibition place 100 Princes Blvd, Toronto from March 9th-18th.          

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Every Day

A shy 16-year-old girl named Rhiannon finds herself attracted to a mysterious being named “A” who wakes up every single day in a different body – sometimes male, sometimes female, sometimes white, sometimes another color, but always the same age. Feeling a strong

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Game Night

Max and Annie meet during Trivia Death Battle night at their local bar and fall madly in love and get married. After marriage thay hold weekly couples game night at their house inviting friends and neighbors. Max’s charismatic and wealthy brother,

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After her husband Kane goes missing on a top-secret military operation, biologist and Johns Hopkins professor Lena is surprised when one day when he just shows up at their home, but was unable to tell her what happened or how he

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Nexus Holidays and Jewel 88.5 Holidays Presents 15 day Epic China Trip

Nexus Holidays and Jewel 88.5 Presents 15 day Epic China Trip!!! Again after popular demand Jewel has teamed up with Nexus Holidays to provide our listeners with a trip of a lifetime on a 15 day epic voyage in China.  Take

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Valentine’s Day Contest

Jewel 88.5 wants to help you give your Valentine the perfect gift!   Starting Monday  February 12th, Be listening to Gary and Stacey in the morning for the 3 love song montage. When you hear the montage played email us

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After her husband William Wirt Winchester passes from tuberculosis at age 43, leaving her the majority shareholder in the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Sarah Winchester, Helen Miren, is convinced her family is cursed and she believes she is now being

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Maze Runner: The Death Cure

In the new addition to the Maze Runner trilogy, Thomas and the group of Gladers embark on a mission to stop WCKD, the organization that had been trapping and sacrificing kids to find a cure for the deadly disease flare

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Beat The Box Office With Engelbert Humperdinck

Be listening to Brian Master in the afternoon Starting Monday January 29th for your chance to Beat The Box Office with the legendary Engelbert Humperdinck during his 50th Anniversary Tour at Roy Thompson Hall on April 20th. The tour is

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The Vatican Deception

The Vatican Deception is a documentary that explores the prophecies of the blessed Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal. At the height of WWI 3 Children claimed the Virgin Mary announced the end to the great war, part of a series

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Enter to WIN a Pair of tickets to See Trudeau Stories at Theatre Orangeville

Enter Below for your chance to win a pair of tickets to See Trudeau Stories  live at Theatre Orangeville, 87 Broadway in Orangeville. Written and performed by Brooke Johnson.           Credit:

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12 Strong

Captain Mitch Nelson is enjoying quiet moments at home with his wife and tiny daughter Maddy when they look up at the television and see the horrific events of 9/11, as planes crash into the twin towers of the World

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Den of Thieves

A notorious crew of bank robbers decide to pull off the ultimate heist. They want to get their hands on billions of dollars of cash that is taken out of circulation each day and destroyed by the Los Angeles Branch

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The Final Year

Taking a unique insiders’ account of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy team during their last year in office. Featuring unprecedented access inside the White House and State Department, this documentary offers an uncompromising view of the inner workings of the Obama Administration as they

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Forever My Girl

Country music superstar Liam Page left his bride-to-be, Josie, at the altar eight years earlier, choosing fame and fortune instead. However, Liam never got over Josie and never forgot his Southern roots in the small community where he was born and

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