An Apple Watch Alert Saved Guy’s Life

A Brooklyn man says Apple’s smartwatch saved his life.  James Green, 28, was wearing an Apple Watch last week when he noticed his heart rate spiking.  The warning came courtesy of the HeartWatch app, which tracks a wearer’s ticker.  “Saw my heart rate go up, ended up being a pulmonary embolism,” Green tweeted on Friday.  “Never thought a stupid lil wrist computer I bought two years ago would save my life.”  A blood clot in the lungs can kill quickly.  Green, a podcast reporter, says he was at home when got an alert from the app saying his heart rate was above its resting rate even when he was seated.  Along with other symptoms, Green, who suffered a pulmonary embolism once before, said he realized it wasn’t a panic attack.  A CT scan confirmed his worries, and he was rushed to the hospital and put on blood thinners to “reverse the clot damage,” he says.  His doctor told him if he had waited longer “it would have been fatal.”

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