4 Out Of 10 Couples Argue About What?

Every couple has their differences when it comes to certain chores around the house.  Whether it is who vacuums or mows the lawn, who takes out the trash etc.  According to this study conducted by Bosch appliances, 4 out of 10 couples argue regularly on how to load the dishwasher.  Is there a right and wrong way?  Of course there is.  Apparently that right way is very subjective.  Do plates face into the centre (yes) or any which way?  Cutlery go in blades and prongs down or up?  See what I mean?


And now along comes another study from Bosch, the high-end dishwasher people, saying that more than 40% of couples fight over how to load the dishwasher.

A recent study out of Norway shows that divorce rates there are about 50% higher among couples who shared the housework. That’s compared with those in which women did most of the chores.


  1. 61% fight over whether dishes should be pre-rinsed or not

  2. 41% clash about separating dishes or cramming as much as possible to tackle a larger load

  3. 39% argue over placing sharp knives point down or point up

  4. 34% insist on placing cups on the top rack and plates on the bottom rack while their mate believes it’s every dish for themselves

  5. 30% debate about placing plastic containers on the top rack to prevent a major plastic meltdown, or placing containers wherever space is available


Survey source

Image Pixabay.com

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